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Last Song You Listened To

Started by gorefan1428, February 08, 2013, 04:24:29 PM

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it was just a matter of time so what the heck you all know how this works

feel free to comment on other peoples songs

Creature feature  dark and stormy night


Last song I listened to was "Angry Again" by Megadeth. Was watching Last Action Hero earlier and completely forgot this song was not only in it, but on the soundtrack until the part where Danny starts watching the new Jack Slater movie. Fucking love the hell out of this song.


I wonder if Crash can translate this song for us without looking up the lyrics:

Crash Dummie

Stopped listening after the first scream.

Nothing against this kind of Metal; I can't say it sucks, because the people doing it are obviously very talented, and a lot of people love it.

But I don't. I hate it.


I'll take that as a... no?  [*uhoh*] I should mention that the chorus is melodic to some degree.

Crash Dummie


Yeah, well.... South Park tried to make fun of Phil Collins but he's a fuckin beast.

Crash Dummie


Phil is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Last one I listened to:


Quote from: Chucky on February 09, 2013, 12:16:36 AM
Yeah, well.... South Park tried to make fun of Phil Collins but he's a fuckin beast.

They weren't so much making fun of his music as they were....ok, they were. But mostly the Tarzan shit he did. That sucked.

Also.....are those shirts legit? Those are metal as fuck.


lol Celine Dion. That shirt would definitely raise eyebrows.
Last Song I listened to?
Wings - Band on the Run


They used one of the sets from Robert Kurtzman's "The Rage" to film this music video.


Mushroomhead are still a thing? Rad.

Currently listening to Moving Mountains. No idea which track. All blur together.


Depeche Mode - Heaven
Despite all the bad reviews this first single from the new album got, I love it! It's just perfect, still very Depeche. This song reminds me of all the things we want to be in life but just can't seem to handle right now.


Iron maiden- wasted years

just one of those bands i never get tired of hearing.


Channel Zero -Hot Summer
Belgian metal, gotta love it. [*finger*]