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New forum

Started by Chucky, February 04, 2013, 12:57:45 AM

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I have started the process of getting the website back on its feet. Here's a new forum to get us started. I'll still be working on changing the design and there will be some cosmetic hiccups somewhere, so if you find any let me know.

How have you guys been? I'd like to say I've missed most of you, but don't wanna sound like a homo.... but if you wanna take that in the homo way, then that's fine too.


Glad to see FE back up and's been a minute. I was previously known as TheGame1696, so I wasn't a really big contributor to the FE Universe but was a frequent player in the game. I'll do my best to rock along with you fine people.


Hi mate, welcome. I do recall 'mrthompson88' from somewhere... probably an email address. Good to see you on here, you're the first person to sign up since I sent out the notification within the last half hour.


I'm sure we'll get more as the day goes on. It's just good to see the place rocking and rolling once again.


Hello again, I used to be Tha Shape on FE years ago, It's been a very long time, it's good to see the site is on again.

El Fwiso


CptDisaster here, doubt any of your guys remember me Akasha's one of the few I was able to contact good to be back :D


Jigsaw here - hope I'm mostly remembered. Sketchy history, made a comeback, became a decently big contributor, etc. It's fantastic to be back on. Shape, I believe I remember you, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance once again.


sup fools. Giddins is back.


We're back, baby!!!  8) Thank you, Chuck and everyone who made an effort to get this going again!


Great to see you both. Can't believe you still have that picture, Shadow. ;)

Crash Dummie


Any giant life-style changes going on?

Anyone married? Anyone gay? That type of stuff.

Most of you may be aware, but currently I am a freshman in college and slowly getting used to the college style of living.


Giddins turned gay and got married.

DeraiLer (aka "Hey, you in the bushes") is serving a jail sentence of two years for perverted reasons.