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Steam Summer Sale 2018

Started by Shadow, June 22, 2018, 12:30:48 PM

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Anyone planning on getting anything good? [*browwink*]


I think I only ever used Steam once to download something for my daughter.... so.... uh.... nah.  [*finger*]

Crash Dummie

After getting like 350 games on Steam over the years, I've slowed down my buying habits to barely a trickle. Not only do I was to do other things with my time, but I figured out that when I do play video games, it's mostly Tecmo Super Bowl's season mode over and over again.


I threw Life is Strange onto my buy list. Haven't bought it yet, but will before the sale ends.

I'm a pretty casual gamer (Minecraft, Hearthstone, and Civ are what I mostly play on the PC), so I probably wouldn't spend much more than 25 dollars total.


Well I ended up being so busy during the sale that I didn't have time to spend any money. Good for me, I suppose? [*laugh*]