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Author Topic: Unknown albums that should be known  (Read 2648 times)

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Unknown albums that should be known
« on: February 06, 2013, 01:29:07 AM »
AKA the "I'm not a hipster!!!" thread.

I'll start with Life'll Kill Ya, by Warren Zevon.

Now in his 50s, sober for about 15 years and coming back from a 5 years studio break, Zevon brings us this masterpiece of a little album. The arrangements are very sparse, but it works in the favor of every songs, since the compositions are so good.

Warren brings us a very dark, but also very humorous and self-deprecative set of songs about aging and mortality, and accepting your past mistakes, flaws and death at the end of the day.

The album was recorded in 2000. Almost two years before being diagnosed with lung cancer. His two subsequent albums, "My Ride's Here" (the ride in question being a hearse) and "The Wind", where he definitely knew he was dying and wanted to go out with a bang, are also good, but in my opinion, "Life Will Kill Ya" is his magnum opus.

This guy is known only for "Werewolves of London", which is best described as a stupid song for smart people, that was written as a joke in 15 minutes. He deserves to be known for a LOT more. He probably the best lyricist of his generation.

Re: Unknown albums that should be known
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2014, 02:11:08 PM »
This album is from the legendary 13th Floor Elevators hailing from Austin, Texas. Not even the local psychedelic hipsters know about this band (I'm from San Antonio, an hour from Austin). Easter Everywhere is their best album, in my humble opinion.

Top tracks: Nobody to Love, Baby Blue, Postures (Leave Your Body Behind)

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