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1983 / Horror, Thriller
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7.7 / 10
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Directed by Richard Franklin
Written by Tom Holland
Starring Anthony Perkins, Meg Tilly, Vera Miles and Robert Loggia

Now declared legally sane, Norman Bates is released from a mental institution after spending 22 years in confinement over the protests of Marion Crane's sister Lila Loomis, who insists that he's still a killer and that the court's indifference to his victims by releasing him is a gross miscarriage of justice. Norman returns to his motel and the old Victorian mansion where his troubles started, and history predictably begins to repeat itself.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Slasher
Psycho II (1983)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

7 / 10
I prefer the sequel to the original movie. I understand that the original is a classic and how it's a pioneer for slasher movies and well, I guess, film-making in general but it is incredibly dated when watching decades later whereas this sequel doesn't have that same issue.

This movie is a bit slow as it tries to build suspense, so don't expect the bodycount to rise until much later in the movie but when the killings do occur, there are some graphic slashing sequences. It's probably not as shocking as the original, at least for its time, but I feel it is a better and more exciting movie to watch overall.
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