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2009 / Horror
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7.0 / 10
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Directed by Steve Hudgins
Written by Steve Hudgins
Starring Randy Hardesty, Kim Welsh, Neil Vowels, Emily Fitzmaurice, Marsha Cash and Brandon Schaefer

Capitalizing on a rash of sightings of the legendary creature called El Chupacabra, a touristy hiking company creates a GoatSucker hiking tour. The pleasant hike turns into a nightmare when disturbing events cause the group to suspect that the beast may be more than just a legend.

The following tags are associated with this movie: monster
GoatSucker (2009)
Review by Michael Mahoney

7 / 10
For a low-budget film, this monster movie is generally a pretty enjoyable watch.

While on-screen kills are almost entirely absent, there is quite a bit of blood splatter throughout the film, so while there's not a high quantity of good kills, the movie still feels rather gory. That, mixed with the memorable characters and interesting story (well, more interesting than what you might initially expect), really meld everything together well.

Plenty of the performances here were pretty fun. I won't say many of them were good in the traditional sense, but I had fun all the same. Amanda Stone was sassy, with an enjoyable screen presence (I just wish that she had become more relevant to the plot than she eventually did). Randy Hardesty played an interesting character, and could perhaps be called the hero of the film. Overall, a good performance. Emily Fitzmaurice had one of the shrillest screams I've ever heard, and did well playing the dumb, blonde bimbo. And Tom Dolan? He stole every scene he graced us with. Loved his over-the-top style. Overall, though, I don't think anyone here really stuck out in a negative fashion.

Firmly tongue-in-cheek, GoatSucker took some interesting routes, threw in some deeper characters than you might expect in a lower-budget flick, and wrapped it up with some decent suspense. It is true that the film felt a bit long at times - maybe they could have cut it down by a bit, like five or ten minutes. Still, if you can get past some of the downsides, and revel in the fact there aren't many chupacabra flicks out there, you may have fun with this one.
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