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2011 / Action, Horror
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9.0 / 10
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Directed by Douglas Aarniokoski
Written by Luke Passmore
Starring Shawn Ashmore, Shannyn Sossamon, Ashley Bell, Shimon Moore, Brianna Barnes and Dominic Monaghan

A group of five people working to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic future discover what they think is a safe, abandoned farmhouse, but they soon find themselves fighting to stay alive as a gang of bloodthirsty predators attack.

The following tags are associated with this movie: post-apocalyptic, gore
The Day (2011)
Review by Michael Mahoney

9 / 10
This post-apocalyptic flick is a lot of fun (despite the despair of the characters), packed with great gore and action.

Shawn Ashmore, who I mostly recognize from playing Bobby Drake (Iceman) in X2, was an interesting casting choice to lead a band of individuals intent on surviving in a hostile post-apocalyptic environment. It works well, though, and everyone else does pretty good also, from Ashley Bell, who is a total badass, to Cory Hardrict, who, despite being sick, is a damn fun character.

It's not a fun environment, though. The movie is ultimately very bleak, and that's demonstrated more so by the very faded color palette used. During flashbacks, the world is colorful and vibrant, full of life, but for most of the movie, the palette is so faded, it almost seems black-and-white, which is an effect that I really liked. That, along with the total brutality of the film (kids get shot and decapitated - say whatever you want, but too few horror films go cross that 'taboo') shows the desperation of the characters in the film.

Honestly, I can't think of any big problems I had with the film. The final showdown, taking up the last thirty minutes of the film, was damn brutal, and I loved every second of it. Sure, some of the characters weren't exactly the best people, but in a post-apocalyptic universe like this, who could blame them?

And on that note, I loved how, unlike many post-apocalyptic films, the antagonists aren't zombies, or the infected population, or anything of the sort. They're just other humans, intent on survival also, only willing to go a bit further than most (I'm talking cannibalism). It reminded me a little of Tooth and Nail (2007), though I think the cannibals were more human here. To be honest, I abhorred Tooth and Nail, but it's been years since I've seen it, so maybe it's not fair to fully comment on it.

I will fully comment on this, though, since I finished it just ten minutes ago. The Day is a fun, gory, gloomy film. With both strong action and strong gore, I don't see why there aren't more enthusiastic reviews about this one out. It has a tepid 5.2/10 on IMDb, and that is something I don't get. I saw this before, and was afraid that it wouldn't hold up, but I'm happy to report that it did. A very strong movie, and definitely one that I'd not only watch a third time, but actually purchase. 8.5/10 (rounded up to 9/10 to fit site's format).
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