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2017 / Horror
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8.7 / 10
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Directed by Andy Muschietti
Written by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman
Starring Bill Skarsgard, Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer and Jeremy Ray Taylor

In the Town of Derry, the local kids are disappearing one by one, leaving behind bloody remains. A group of seven kids are united by their horrifying and strange encounters with an evil clown.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Clown, Stephen King, Monster, Remake
IT (2017)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

10 / 10
I am a huge fan of the original 1990 mini-series so this updated adaptation had a tough task ahead of itself to appease me. While Bill Skarsgard's interpretation of Pennywise is different, he is equally as impressive to Tim Curry's performance and nails this role. The child actors, which this movie relies heavily upon, have also done a fantastic job with their characters and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of these young actors in future feature films.

Even though the movie is quite long, it is always engaging and never drags on as Pennywise consistently graces the screen with his presence throughout. The movie is accompanied by a wonderful musical score which sets the right mood for each and every sequence. Andy Muschietti has brought the goods and established himself as a very capable visionary from behind the camera.

I never thought it would be possible in this day and age for a movie to come along and get a perfect score from myself, especially since it's essentially a remake of an original that I hold near and dear to my heart, but they've managed to do it.
IT (2017)
Review by Michael Mahoney

8 / 10
I'm a giant fan of the novel It - I read it annually. It's all-around a fantastic book. I have great memories of the television mini-series from 1990, but let's be honest: it certainly was lacking most of the great things the book brought us. And so when I went to go see this in theaters when it initially came out, I had my fingers crossed that we'd get a better adaptation. And though It was not without flaws, we basically did.

Let's talk about the main seven kids, first. All actors did a good job, but the biggest kudos go to Finn Wolfhard (Richie), Jaeden Lieberher (Bill), Wyatt Oleff (Stan), and Sophia Lewis (Beverly). Richie was a crowd-pleaser, and for good reason. He had a plethora of fantastic lines, hilarious quips, and was overall a great character. Bill was as solid as you'd hope he'd be, and Lieberher did well to show the pain of losing his younger brother. Stan was a favorite of mine from the book, and Oleff played his careful nature (that bike stand scene gets a kick out of me) perfectly. And as for Lewis? Does wonderful with this new version of Beverly, who is so different from the mini-series.

While Mike, Ben, and Eddie were well-acted, I had a few gripes with some of their storylines. Mike no longer being the historian, that role instead going to Ben (in reality, both characters sort of filled the role in the book to a certain extent) really reduced the potency of Mike's character, There wasn't even a race-element, that we saw, of Henry's bullying him. Mike just seemed like he had nothing much to do throughout the film. Ben played his lovesick puppy act well, but really, he was more a punching bag for both Henry and Pennywise than anything else. Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer) was well-done, and while I prefer the four listed above, he was the fifth best-done kid.

Bill Skarsgard brought Pennywise to life in a whole new way. I'm not going to say that Curry didn't do a good job. But I will say what another individual said about comparing the two: Curry seemed like an evil clown, moderately charming, even, and not much more. Skarsgard had moments that made him seem alien (the beginning with George, where his smile and laughter suddenly died, for instance), and he honestly felt more threatening than most of Curry's performance. Playing more like a kid, also, was a great addition.

Patrick needed more scenes to show the extent of his insanity (such as in the book), and honestly, I thought all of the bullies, Henry included, needed more characterization. Showing Henry's father embarrassing him once doesn't do it for me.

While there were certainly a high amount of jump scares, and occasionally some not-so-great CGI, there were some standout scenes I really liked, such as Stan's encounter with Pennywise near the end, Georgie's encounter at the beginning, and the projector scene (overall). The Neibolt House sequences were certainly enjoyable also.

As for drawbacks, I have a few: the run-time, even at two hours and 15 minutes, was too short, some portions feeling rushed. I feel as though another 30 minutes, to carve out a few more characters, such as Patrick or Henry, wouldn't have gone amiss. What they did with Mike's character just felt off, as they gave most of what he was known for to Ben, which gave Ben a bit more to do, but really left Mike in the dust. I do have to mention also that I dislike that they moved the children's portion from the late 50's to the late 80's. I get why they did it, and it came out alright, but I still don't like it.

Some of the classic scenes of the book, such as Richie and Bill's journey to Neibolt House, Mike's encounter with the giant bird, and the Killer Eye in the sewers, were nowhere to be seen. Hell, the Smokehole would have been extremely cool also, and bringing up the Ritual of Chud should have been mandatory. Exploring more of Derry's past too, would have been welcomed.

Overall, though, I think that It was a fine adaptation. Not as great as could be done - we'd probably need an HBO mini-series to get something even close - but very enjoyable indeed.
IT (2017)
Review by Gary Dailey

8 / 10
I recently had the pleasure of getting to watch this new adaptation of the original It film. Quite frankly, while I enjoyed the original, this is one of the few times where I feel that the remake surpasses the original. While I've normally been a staunch critic of remakes- particularly in reference to more modern history, this movie really stands far away from this.

The child actors all do excellent (from my point of view, they stole the show), the story is well played out, the effects are all very well done. My only real "big" critique of the movie is that it was rather long. Luckily for my, since I enjoyed the movie so much, that time managed to fly by!
IT (2017)
Review by Alex Martel

7 / 10
If there's any cult movie that was in need of a remake, "IT" would be, well, it. Despite all its charms, and Tim Curry's classic performance as Pennywise, "IT"'s TV movie budget and means are showing, especially today, and the first half is definitely stronger than the second.

Andy Muschietti's "IT" takes the formula to the big screen and successfully manages to update the 1990 original. The film is well directed and features great performances by kids and grown ups alike. Sophia Lillis stood out to me as a possible future star and Bill Skarsgard's take on the dancing clown is very different and arguably just as good as Curry's.

Themes of overcoming fears and past trauma, letting go of the past and being stronger together rather than alone are conveyed to good effect and you really get into the teens' developing friendship. Even the typical super evil Stephen King bully character gets humanized a fair bit.

My only real gripe is that "IT" feels like a great scary movie hidden in a good, not so scary one, due to the editing and sound design. Rather than let creepy moments breathe on their own, somebody in the editing room felt the need to add jerky cuts and loud, obnoxious noises that made me roll my eyes on more than one occasion. That being said, there's at least a couple of unsettling scenes managed to work their way through the obnoxious presentation.

Overall, a stronger movie than the original and a pretty easy recommendation.
IT (2017)
Review by Chris James

9 / 10
The original "IT" is a very nostalgic movie for me. It's not a masterpiece, and it makes a pretty feeble attempt at adapting the book (though with that many pages, definitely not an easy task). But I can watch the whole thing in nostalgic rememberence because it was one of the first horror movies I saw. I will always remember seven year old me begging my Mum to let me rent the VHS with that creepy cover art of Tim Curry hovering above a bunch of people whose expressions ranged from scared to "my agent is a fucking douche for this". I'll never forget getting to the Georgie scene (so like, 10 minutes in) and clocking out. My Mum was, as usual, right. I shouldn't have seen it. It scared the poo out of me. Gradually I would chip away at more of the movie until finally the characters were older and the quality took a nosedive. Basically, "IT" was the film that started an obsession with the genre that only grew, and here I am today because of it.

Now I'm in my early 30s, and here is the remake at last. Right off the bat I knew it wouldn't scare me like the original did, so my only requirement is that it hits the ground running. In short, it does and them some. It focuses on the whole "first half" of the original, splitting this into two separate movies (so really the proper name for this movie is IT: Chapter One). I wont say what hasn't already been said by the other reviews, so in short: it does everything better than the original. The mood, the vibe of the book, the acting are all on point here. I guess the only thing I'm on the fence with is whether this new Pennywise is better than Tim Curry. I can see merits to both and as much as I love the Curry version, I'm glad that Bill SkarsgÄrd wasn't just going for being a carbon copy. He definitely breathes new life into the character and I liked that he felt like he couldn't contain his evilness even when trying to lure his victims. He goes straight for the jugular.

Now while I didn't think it would scare me, it came close at two various points. The "Georgie" scene that had been imprinted into my mind since I was seven is cranked up to eleven, setting the tone for rest of what's to come. Then there's the projector scene which I'll just leave at that. All in all, "IT Chapter One" is a fantastic revamping of the story, and I hope it traumatizes todays children like the 1990 film did me.
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