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So we assume you've reached this page because you'd like to help out. There are three tiers of support you can provide, all of which helps us grow and covers our operational costs. Thank you in advance for any support that you can provide.

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You can donate directly to us via PayPal. To add extra incentive, for anyone that donates $10 or more, you can request a video review of any movie and we'll make it a priority to get it done before others. Obviously, the movie requested must be suitable for this website... don't suggest a review for "Beaches" starring Bette Midler and expect us to follow through on that.
If you already buy from Amazon, please click on the Amazon link to the left before placing your order with them. If you do this we will receive a commission from them and it doesn't cost you anything extra. So it's kind of like you've donated to us with Amazon's money instead of your own. We also have these links available on most movie pages.
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Spread the word about us. Share our website with other people who are interested in this stuff. Like and share our Facebook posts. Talk about us on Twitter. The more people that we have, the more support we can receive which will increase activity on our forums and allow us to bring more and more exciting content for everyone.
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