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Balazs Hatvani

Balazs Hatvani
Horror, Comedy

Ashley Lloyd
Erin Hayes
Tim Curry
Brad Dourif
Plot Summary
In 1983, a group of high school kids break into an abandoned amusement park only to realize it's overrun with monsters and will not allow them to leave.
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Review by Chucky
The movie has a very polished look to it, and as the opening credits roll it almost feels like you're about to watch the latest Halloween-themed movie by a big movie studio like Disney, something of mainstream cinema quality. But then, oh no, you get treated to some TERRIBLE acting by the humans featured in this movie. Just check out the movie scene that we have added to our page, and towards the end you get an idea of what the human characters are like in this movie.

There are some big names voicing the different monsters such as Brad Dourif, Lance Henriksen, Sean Young, Michael Winslow and last but not least, Tim Curry voicing an evil clown of sorts. Tim Curry's voice sounds good and is somewhat reminiscent of his days playing Pennywise the Clown. Unfortunately, the creatures aren't really scary, they're just in a dark environment, mostly act silly and are even at times a little inaudible. They are mildly entertaining but not enough to overshadow the terrible acting by the leads.

Gingerclown is a turd of a movie, albeit, a nicely polished turd of a movie.
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