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2003 / Horror
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7.0 / 10
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Directed by Julian Kean
Written by Sally Charlton, Graeme Clapperton and and 2 more...
Starring Jason Simmons, Bryan Carney, Juliet Diamond, Kerry Norton, Noel Fitzpatrick and Richard Norton

A group of greenpeace youths board an oil rig thats about to be sunk, planning to prevent it. Once on board they discover that they are not alone, something on board is making people act very strange... and what relationship do the rigs previous occupants have with the occult?

The following tags are associated with this movie: Entity
Ghost Rig (2003)
Review by Michael Mahoney

7 / 10
This movie (which, while known as Ghost Rig, is originally titled The Devil's Tattoo) isn't all that amazing, not by any stretch. I saw it many years back on Chiller, and all-in-all, it never really came to mind, aside from the basics of the plot (a group of environmentalists take over an oil rig, only to discover nobody's left, and are soon picked off by an evil force that goes from body to body). Still, it's not exactly a bad movie either. It's main problem is how unoriginal the premise is. An evil entity going from host to host, pitting those left against each other, unsure of who they could trust, isn't exactly new territory. Aside from similarities to The Thing, which are fair enough, I'm also reminded of the classic Horror Express (from 1972). Even so, The Devil's Tattoo is passable.

Though it's not overly thrilling for most of the film, I do think the last twenty minutes or so (which includes more than one plot twist) were pretty enjoyable. All-in-all, this movie's around average, maybe a little less. It's quality certainly isn't worthy of praise, nor most of the acting (Noel Fitzpatrick in particular does a good job, though), but it's a good movie to pass the night with.
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