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2014 / Horror
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6.5 / 10
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Directed by Wenn V. Deramas
Written by Keiko Aquino
Starring Jodi Sta. Maria, Iza Calzado, Zanjoe Marudo and Cris Villanueva

After a tragic incident during their field trip, three parents, Faith, Julio, and Stella mourned the deaths of their respective daughters: Maria, Leonora, and Teresa. To help cope with their loss, a psychiatrist named Manolo offers them life-sized dolls to look after, but the situation only worsens when the toys appear to be brought to life by a sinister force.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Dolls, Slasher
Maria Leonora Teresa (2014)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

7 / 10
The story is fairly different to most other killer doll movies, although it still borrows some things from movies like Child's Play, such as the whole voodoo aspect and using a combination of actual dolls and real people playing the dolls in certain scenes, which is an effect that I enjoy a lot and wish they would use it more often in Chucky's movies. It has its fair share of absurdity in certain parts of the movie but there are also some really dark and disturbing sequences involving the dolls when they attack.

With Child's Play being my all-time favourite movie, I have an affinity for killer doll movies. Take that into account when you consider my rating. For all other fans of horror or slasher movies, you may find more difficulty in being pleased by Maria Leonora Teresa.
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