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1981 / Horror
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6.0 / 10
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Directed by Ken Hughes
Written by Ruth Avergon
Starring Leonard Mann, Drew Snyder, Rachel Ward, Joseph R. Sicari, Karen MacDonald, Annette Miller and Margo Skinner

Police in Boston begin to examine a series of murders connected to a local night school - the victims are female students who have been decapitated in what appears to be a ritual beheading. Suspicion falls on the faculty.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Mystery, Slasher
Night School (1981)
Review by Michael Mahoney

6 / 10
This is one I’ve seen once before, and I don’t recall particularly enjoying it the first time around. Seeing Night School again confirmed, at least to me, that it’s certainly no classic of the 1980’s, but at the same time, it does have some pretty decent kills.

Putting the kills aside for the time being, Night School doesn’t strike me as that memorable a movie. The plot’s decent for a slasher flick, and we get some solid suspects and a bit of procedural detective work, but there’s not a lot here that strikes me as inspired.

The main character (Leonard Mann) was fine, as was his partner (Joseph R. Sicari), but I don’t really think many other cast members stood out, save for Drew Snyder and perhaps Rachel Ward. Annette Miller was sort of funny the few times she appeared, but really, as far as the cast goes, there’s not a lot that’s offered.

If anything puts this movie on the map, it’s the kills. The best was probably the locker room attack (which concluded with the killer throwing a severed head into an aquarium), but the diner sequence was pretty good also. When Night School leaned that way, it could be pretty suspenseful, so credit where credit is due.

Unfortunately, I don’t think credit’s due that often. The ending is about what you would expect, and while there are some good things strewn throughout the film, there’s not enough here at all to really think that highly of it overall. Honestly, while it may be worth a single watch, I don't think Night School is worth too much more.
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