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2015 / Horror
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4.0 / 10
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Directed by Andrew Jones
Written by Andrew Jones
Starring Suzie Frances Garton, Lee Bane and Flynn Allen

In this chilling story based on real life events a family experience terrifying supernatural occurrences when their son acquires a vintage doll called Robert.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Dolls
Robert (2015)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

4 / 10
A low budget production with mediocre acting. Don't expect anything that can rival a Chucky flick, the scenes involving Robert the doll, while being the most exciting parts of the movie, are few and far between. Even when the doll is on the screen, it feels as though someone is just holding the doll to make it move with their hands strategically out of the camera frame. While that works well enough to achieve what they want, it certainly pales in comparison to the what has been achieved with bringing dolls to life in other horror films.
Robert (2015)
Review by Michael Mahoney

4 / 10
More than anything, the problem with Robert is that it’s really dry. It’s definitely a bad story, don’t get me wrong, but if there was a little more pep here, maybe some of that could have been heightened a bit. But no, Robert’s just dry, and almost entirely void of any positive aspects worth mentioning. I’ll try to think of something as I carry on though - maybe something will pop up.

Seeing an evil doll wreck havoc on an already dysfunctional family (seriously, the macho husband, who’s scared of his son playing with dolls, was unbearable) didn’t really make for an engaging film, especially given how amateurish some of the scenes and cuts were. I did find it somewhat hilarious that this doll was given to the kid by an elderly maid unable to do her job, who then gets fired. In a petty fashion, she just hoists an evil doll onto the family, and the rest is history.

Well, history is a strong word, because though this is about a killer doll, the most interesting thing about Robert by far is that it’s British. The kills here were weak, the suspense close to non-existent, the acting sub-par (neither leads Suzie Frances Garton or Lee Bane made any impression whatsoever), and everything else pointless.

I’m not giving Robert an extremely low rating, though. Why? Because while much of the movie is poor, it was still palatable in a very bare bones, ultra dry way. Elements of the movie were almost okay, and maybe if a better creative team had been behind this, a bit more life would have been apparent in the film. Robert’s not the worst of the worst. It’s just entirely unremarkable, I certainly wouldn’t recommend this.
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