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James Wan

Leigh Whannell

Patrick Wilson
Rose Byrne
Ty Simpkins
Lin Shaye
Plot Summary
The Lambert family move into a new home. While it appears the house is haunted, there seems to be something more sinister happening with their son.
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Review by Chucky
Even though jump scares have acquired a bad rap in modern horror, this movie uses them really well. One of my favourite scenes in particular uses a delayed jump scare tactic to pure perfection. Look for it when you see the man standing above the baby's crib and they give you a second to see him before hitting you with the loud music. Not only did it make me jump when I saw this for the first time but it was extremely chilling.

I think this is one of the more frightening films to come out of this modern era of horror. When you're no longer a child, it's very difficult for a movie to actually scare you and make the hairs stick up on the back of your neck but Insidious has managed to succeed in this area for me. It's got a great mixture of ominous scenery, a haunting music score and creepy characters.
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