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2012 / Horror
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4.0 / 10
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Directed by Darin Scott
Written by Anthony C. Ferrante
Starring Alessandra Torresani, Jackie Tuttle, Dave Davis, Morgan Fairchild, Carol Jean Wells and Salina Duplessis

On Halloween night, a sorority house is inundated with ghosts while the housemother goes on a killing spree.

The following tags are associated with this movie: supernatural
American Horror House (2012)
Review by Michael Mahoney

4 / 10
So, we have random ghosts with no discernible backstories killing bitchy sorority girls (who are illegally hazing new pledges), and along with this, there are also some dumb fraternity jocks around. Because of course there would be.

I first saw this film back in the 2012 October Challenge for HMF, and I rather disliked it back then also. Really, there's not that much to say about this SyFy affair. There is occasionally some okay gore, but otherwise, the movie's void of an pleasant additions and overly vapid.

None of the characters, aside from maybe Alessandra Torresani's, have any value whatsoever. When they get killed, you just find yourself shrugging. Why would I care one way or the other if a sorority clone gets killed? If the kills were more impressive, sure, but this movie can't really boast that.

Speaking of clones, the ghosts got a bit old. There were more than a handful, but we never really got much a read on any of them, excepting the main ghost, who, *SHOCKER* somehow is still around at the end, and should SyFy ever want to, they have room for a sequel.

As I said, there's not really a lot to say about this film. It was bad the first time I saw it, and American Horror House does not increase in value over time. It's just not that enjoyable or good a movie whatsoever. Part of this may be that I see absolutely no value in either frats or sororities. Why would you want to join an organization that abuses and humiliates you? I don't get it at all. And given how horrible most of these characters are, it makes these people pretty hard to be sympathetic for. Nothing much here, and I wouldn't recommend this.
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