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2013 / Horror
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2.0 / 10
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Directed by Steven R. Monroe
Written by Ryan W. Smith and Sheldon Wilson
Starring Kaitlyn Leeb, Cassi Thomson, Graham Wardle, Dejan Loyola, Jeffrey Ballard and Hiro Kanagawa

Suicide forest is just a name - isn't it? Miko intends to find out, even if it means uncovering the sad truth about her mother's suicide.

The following tags are associated with this movie: supernatural, ghosts
Grave Halloween (2013)
Review by Michael Mahoney

2 / 10
I will try to keep this brief, because the longer I dwell on this piece of crap, the more I just want to rate it a 0/10 and get it done with.

What few things does this made-for-TV Sy-Fy movie get right? The forest is a nice setting. Occasionally there's some decent gore (an okay dismemberment, a good snapped leg, and a solid impalement). The story had potential. The plot twist, while somewhat pointless, was fine.

Nothing else was.

In typical bad-movie fashion, this was a bad movie. I totally didn't expect the creepy old man these characters meet early on is actually a ghost. Oh wait, I did. I totally didn't expect the ending where things look like they'll be okay, but then the one surviving character finds out 'IT'S NOT OVER'. Oh wait, I did.

I don't mind a few overused tropes now and again, but this movie was just full of dull, uninspired scenes. There was very little original about this movie, which might be okay if they had a competent director or a story that had more suspense and less pointless jump scares.

Some occasionally good gore aside, though, I don't see what value this movie possesses. None of the actors or actresses were necessarily terrible, but no one wowed me either. If you want a bad movie, you might want to check this out. If you want a movie where you basically know where it's going from the beginning, Grave Halloween may be your flick. If you want a movie of value, though, I'd suggest looking elsewhere.
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