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Mike Flanagan

Mike Flanagan
Jeff Howard
Thriller, Horror

Carla Gugino
Bruce Greenwood
Chiara Aurelia
Carel Struycken
Henry Thomas
Plot Summary
While trying to spice up their marriage in their remote lake house, Jessie must fight to survive when her husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her handcuffed to their bed frame.
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Review by Crash Dummie
I declare with as little hyperbole as possible that Gerald's Game is one of the best Stephen King screen adaptation to date.

This is an impressively smart and well crafted movie not entirely dissimilar to "Buried", starring Ryan Reynolds (though it takes many more liberties with its concept). Jessie, our main spends most of the running time confined to a single location, so the film's success depends on the acting and directing to keep our interest in the occuring events, and it succeeds resoundingly.

Jessie's internal monologue is represented by apparitions who act as different parts of her personality and the atmosphere is kept tense by the many dangers looming by. She will have to delve into the darkest corners of her psyche, find the source of her fears, supressed emotions and suffering and overcome them to stand of chance of getting through her ordeal and start living her life on her own terms.

This is a tough movie to watch, both for the psychological and physical torments our heroine goes through, but it is one I would absolutely recommend without hesitation.
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