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2014 / Fantasy, Action
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2.0 / 10
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Directed by Rene Perez
Written by Barry Massoni and Rene Perez
Starring Jenny Allford, Robert Amstler, Gemma Donato and Raven Lexy

Aurora is cursed into an everlasting sleep by an evil witch for a crime she didn't commit. The brave Commander of the Guard, William, embarks on a quest inspired by both love and loyalty to free the doomed princess.

The following tags are associated with this movie: adventure, black magic, medieval
Sleeping Beauty (2014)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

2 / 10
The same person who brought you the Playing with Dolls movies, Rene Perez, brings to us this modern adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty story. For those not in the know, this is a director whose movies are heavily criticized. I personally didn't think that the Playing with Dolls movies were as bad as people proclaimed, however, this movie does indeed suck.

First off, I should mention that I normally do not enjoy any of these princess, fantasy, fairytale, medieval era type of movies. It's just not my thing, even if it were a much better made movie I would still have difficulty in enjoying it. Aside from that, I knew going in that it would have amateurish acting, silly effects, cheap costumes etc. The budget would be extremely low... how low? I do not know but it's clearly evident.

The lead hero in the film is corny, he tries to put on his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice (unless that is somehow his real voice?) and it just sounds ridiculous. Much like Perez's other flicks, the movie has a couple of attractive women and we get to see some titty action, not as much as I'd have liked, but at least there's a few seconds of that to enjoy. Seeing them tits, even just for a few seconds, that ended up being the most exciting part of the movie for me. I guess, if anything, that indicates what little else there is in the movie to enjoy.

There is way too much wandering around on the screen as characters trudge through the snow and forests which allows for very little plot development being made along the way. The CGI magical effects in the movie aren't the worst I've seen considering the low budget and since this is some fairytale/fantasy movie involving black magic, it seemed to make it easier for me to deal with.

With all that's so bad with the movie, I feel like at face-value it still looks better than it should which is the the case for every Rene Perez movie that I have watched. If he had a bigger budget, with more accomplished actors, better costumes, effects and all that stuff, I think that he might actually be able to pull a half decent movie out of his ass. But until then, his movies will continue to look like made for television, fan-film hybrids and Sleeping Beauty is the epitome of that.
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