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2013 / Sci-Fi, Action, Horror
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4.0 / 10
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Directed by Anthony Fankhauser
Written by Rafael Jordan
Starring Gary Stretch, Corin Nemec, Vernon Wells, Michael Worth, Natascha Berg and Alicia Ziegler

A commando squad rescues a hostage being held by a terrorist, but their helicopter is shot down and falls into an unexplored valley. They quickly realize it is inhabited by dinosaurs, for which soldiers are a tasty morsel.

The following tags are associated with this movie: creatures
Jurassic Attack (2013)
Review by Michael Mahoney

4 / 10
This is a very generic film about military men getting trapped in a lost world - a crater in which dinosaurs exist still.

Truth be told, I've not much to say about this. The CGI dinosaurs were some of the worst I've seen. The CGI blood was even more cringe worthy. Acting and story was nothing worth writing home about whatsoever. Lastly, most of the characters were thoroughly unlikable - in fact, I'm hard-pressed coming up with one I even sort of liked, and there weren't that many characters in the movie to begin with.

Jurassic Attack can be fun at times - I mean, seeing terribly made CGI dinosaurs chase after terrible actors, how can you not have fun, especially with alcohol and weed? If I had to describe it in a short phrase, though, I'd simply call it overly generic.
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