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1989 | Horror

Ten years after he was pushed down a well, a young man kills off the neighborhood bullies who tormented him and leaves their body parts as presents for the one girl who was kind to him.
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Offerings is a horror movie that was released in the year 1989. It was written and directed by Christopher Reynolds. The main cast members featured in the movie include Loretta Leigh Bowman, Elizabeth Greene, G. Michael Smith, Jerry Brewer and Tobe Sexton.

The following tags are associated with this movie: slasher

Offerings review
by Bradley Frohloff
After seeing so many bluray collectors post about the recent 88 Films release of the movie, I was inclined to watch it at some point in the near future, especially since I tend to watch a lot of slasher flicks and this is one that flew under my radar. While I wasn't expecting it to rival the greats out there, I went in with the expectation that I was going to be watching something maybe slightly above average.

Unfortunately, I did not have as much joy with this movie as I had anticipated. The acting is subpar, even for low budget horror. While there are a few interesting concepts in terms of kill sequences, they don't really manifest on the screen all that well. The only one that I really enjoyed was someone slowly being dragged underneath a bed and eventually seeing blood oozing back out onto the floorboards.

I've never been one to really dislike when a movie copies, borrows or is a blatant cash-grab or anything like that, but towards the end of the movie I could hear an eerily similar but much more blander version of John Carpenter's theme from Halloween being used, it rubbed me the wrong way a little. I'm not even a huge Halloween fan myself, I like those movies but I don't love them, it just wasn't a very endearing thing to do and ultimately made a cheap movie look even cheaper with that tactic.

All in all, I thought Offerings fell flat. The plot for the movie is simple but works for a slasher flick, though the characters are dull and there weren't really any memorable kills. I liked the ending, but the payoff still wasn't good enough to excuse the first hour. Perhaps a re-watch is in order a few years down the track to see if it changes my mind... but I doubt it.

Offerings review
by Michael Mahoney
So, you all know me: if it's an 80's slasher, chances are high that I love the movie. And this late 80's addition to the genre is no different.

After a prank goes awry, those involved are slaughtered ten years later. Plot-wise, there's not much going on, and I thought it worked out just fine. This independent Oklahoma rip-off of Halloween was a lot of fun. It's low-budget, but has a lot of heart (think HauntedWeen, and this won't be the last time I make the comparison). The musical score is a complete copy of Halloween's, and the final twenty minutes (along with the fact the killer is mute, and just escaped from a mental institution) takes heavily from Halloween also.

Even so, there's some memorable stuff in here, from hammy acting to decent kills. While the gore was kept to a minimum, there was some decent blood during a few scenes (which is definitely one area where HauntedWeen one-ups this film).

The acting was about how you'd expect, but I got a kick out of it. Our main girl Gretchen (played by Loretta Leigh Bowman) did her part well, and was an attractive young lady to boot. We got two zany side-characters, one being a mortician's intern (played comically by Mark Massey - his only other role was in the SOV horror film The Ripper from 1985) and the other being Deputy Buddy (played by Barry Brown - his only other film being an early 90's crime/thriller, which, worth noting, is the only other film the director of this movie directed). Both were zany goodness with strong Oklahoma accents (which is a trait shared by almost every cast member, our lead girl with the most notable accent).

Perhaps my favorite character, though, is Sheriff Chism. He's a genial, nice guy, who actually tries his best to help the girls out. Really, Chism's a great character, and I had fun with him. The actor who portrayed him, G. Michael Smith, has only this single movie under his belt, which is a shame. Most likely, he's just a citizen of Oklahoma City (where this was filmed) who the director thought fit the role best, and boy, does he ever.

This movie had a few comedic scenes thrown in (including one juxtaposition near the end which I laughed aloud at), and overall, Offerings was a fun film. While lacking in the gore department, I got a kick out of this one, and while it might appeal purely to slasher fans of the bygone era, it's a movie I recommend. 7.5/10 (rounded up to 8/10 to fit site's format).
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