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1997 / Horror
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8.0 / 10
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Directed by Robert Kurtzman
Written by Peter Atkins
Starring Tammy Lauren, Andrew Divoff, Robert Englund, Kane Hodder and Tony Todd

A demonic djinn attempts to grant its owner three wishes, which will allow him to summon his brethren to Earth.

The following tags are associated with this movie: wishes, monsters
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Movie Discussion
Wishmaster (1997)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

8 / 10
If there's anyone who had the face and voice of a monster in human form, Andrew Divoff would be it. While he may not be the most diverse actor in the world, he nails this role as an evil genie. The rest of the cast does okay. There are some moments with our leading lady, Tammy Lauren, where I can't help but focus on her acting, as if she is momentarily unconvincing as her character. It's not a huge knock as it doesn't really affect my enjoyment of the film but something I tend to always think about whenever I watch the movie.

There are many cameos from actors who are seasoned horror veterans, such as Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger), Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees), Tony Todd (Candyman) and even Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man) provides some narration in the movie. In addition, the movie boasts some fun special effects throughout as you eagerly await each wish to be made so you can see how it will be manipulated and turned against them.

The only real cons for the movie is that with all these notable actors, the movie lacks strong performances outside of Andrew Divoff, and while there are many clever thoughts put into the manipulation of the wishes, some of them could have been executed better, but what we have is still enjoyable and plenty of fun.
Wishmaster (1997)
Review by Michael Mahoney

8 / 10
Very much a B-movie, Wishmaster has a lot to offer fans of horror.

The story is a fun one, as we don't get too many Djinn-focused horror flicks. What made it even better, though, was the solid cast. Tammy Lauren did pretty damn well as the main star, despite not really being in all that much of note (the only place I know her from is the 1988 television remake I Saw What You Did, co-starring Shawnee Smith).

Most everyone else was a pleasure too. We had some Kane Hodder, Tony Todd (fantastic as Johnny Valentine), Robert Englund in multiple scenes, some narration by Angus Scrimm, and a fun character played by Jenny O'Hara, who, I kid you not, I only know from a random episode of House (the series starring Hugh Laurie). This movie just had a fun bunch of actors and actresses, and even the individuals who I didn't care for as much (such as Andrew Divoff, who was a bit too hammy at times) did okay.

Also, the special effects need to be brought up. A few times, they didn't work out well, especially when they went the hideous early CGI route, but overall, the special effects through the film were something to behold (at both the sequence at the beginning and the party at the end, it's endless eye candy, such as the great skeleton scene and the half-alligator man). So many of the death scenes were well-done (great jaw-ripping scene), and the special effects just looked great.

Wishmaster is no doubt a B-movie, but I think that works out in it's favor. I really liked Lauren's acting, and her character's final wish was pretty clever. While I cannot speak on the necessities of the sequels (I've seen only the second Wishmaster, and was deeply displeased), I can say that this one is very much a movie worth checking out. Having seen it twice, now, perhaps three times, I think you'll have a fun time.
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