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Tommy Lee Wallace

Lawrence D. Cohen
Tommy Lee Wallace

Tim Curry
Richard Thomas
John Ritter
Annette O'Toole
Tim Reid
Plot Summary
A group of social outcasts are tormented by an evil demon who can shape-shift into a clown which feeds on children's fears and kills them. After defeating the demonic clown as kids, it resurfaces decades later and they must finish it off as adults once again.
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Review by Chucky
While newcomers to this particular adaptation of the novel will find it to be a little too corny, there were many children who watched this in the 90's and it scarred them for a very long time. I happened to be one of those children.

Even to this day, in my mid-30's, I still tend to get goosebumps at some of the clown encounters. Tim Curry's performance as Pennywise the Clown is nothing short of amazing. The simplistic opening with Pennywise being seen through the sheets of laundry is very eerie and disturbing with what's left up to your imagination to conjure. The music is equally as haunting and doesn't take more than ten seconds in before the hairs on my arm start to raise.

This adaptation is a fixture of my childhood, hence the high rating.

Review by Crash Dummie
As "IT" is a nostalgic movie for many people, I must first admit that I've only seen the 1990 "made for television" movie when I was in my late teens, as I was around 1 year old at the time of its release and it never seemed to play on any of my 5 TV channels.

Despite this, I have a bit of a unique experience with "IT". When I ended up getting my hands on a DVD copy, the film was printed on a double sided disc. I remember quickly scanning the disc with my eyes and seeing "WIDESCREEN" written on one of the sides. Presuming that the other side was for the cropped 4:3 aspect ratio version, as it was the case for many other movies back then, I plopped it into my DVD player.

So... that's the story of how the first part of "IT" I've watched was the boring second half that feels like a soap opera where a bunch of bad actors flip a laughably bad rubber spider over at the end. And it took me way too long to realize that the better half, where the characters are children, was on the other side of the disc.

Being a TV mini-series, I guess the two episodes combined were too long to put on a single sided DVD without compromising image and sound quality. Anyway, the first half, despite its faults, is much stronger than the second, and even then I can't find it in me to badmouth it too much. Tim Curry is excellent as always and there's a couple of fun moments sprinkled in even the second part.

So while "IT" might not have scarred my childhood and left me with a crippling fear of clowns, I at least have my own, special memory of the movie.

Review by Dorkus
I went into detail in my "IT (2017)" review about how this was my first horror movie (well, first I attempted, not first seen all the way through) and how it scared me for years and how nostalgic I am etc etc. So I'll get right to the point. The 1990 miniseries is far from perfect, and one of the few horror movies where I can say that the remake is better in almost every way. If you haven't seen either, go see the remake. Actually, read the book, then see the remake. Hell, by the time you finish all that, part 2 of the remake should be out!

On to "IT (1990)". Like practically everyone will tell you, the movie shines in the first half. The setting of Derry is imagined well from the pages of the book, given even more life by the child actors. I really liked this group and they captured the feeling of being outcasts well. They feel like your friends as well as eachothers. It's a strong theme of the first half that, like everything else, the second half doesn't pull off nearly as well. The main attraction though is Tim Curry as the titular IT, or Pennywise as his clown form is known. He can take on various guises, but the clown is who you'll remember. And that is because Tim Curry is as awesome as he is terrifying. He even carries the weaker second half entirely on his shoulders.

I know where the films scares are now, but the infamous Georgie scene still gets me. Luckily it's right at the start so i can relax a bit more after it, but there are still fun scares dotted throughout. Whether this movie will scare you depends, as I've had as many people tell me they found it daft as people that shared stories of sleepless nights due to it. I fully admit it's mostly a fun, nostalgic trip for me. Without that, I'd still recommend it, but there are much better horror films (hint: one with the same title).
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