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Mardi Gras Massacre
1978 | Horror

Police try to capture someone who is commiting ritual murders of women during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
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Mardi Gras Massacre is a horror movie that was released in the year 1978. It was written and directed by Jack Weis. The main cast members featured in the movie include William Metzo, Curt Dawson, Gwen Arment and Butch Benit.

The following tags are associated with this movie: serial killer, gore, video nasty

Mardi Gras Massacre review
by Bradley Frohloff
This is one of the original video nasties from the 70's featuring over-the-top dissection of prostitutes for the purpose of ritual sacrifice. It was rated X in the US and banned in other countries such as the UK.

The killer in the movie is played by William Metzo, and he didn't have to audition for the role as he knew someone and was handed the role. Metzo has an extremely charismatic presence and I am amazed that he has not really appeared in anything else. I feel that he emits a similar vibe to that of Andrew Divoff from those Wishmaster movies. There's something about his eyes, facial expressions and the way he delivers his dialogue that make him really stand out. There is an interview with him on the Code Red bluray release of this movie in which he gives some very interesting trivia about the production of the movie, some of which helps me to form this review.

The director/writer/producer Jack Weis had a formula for the movie, which was to feature anything that was popular in movies at the time and cram it all in. There's nude women, sex, extreme gore, fights, car chases, even disco music was popular at the time so the movie is full of funky and disco themed music that almost made me get off my couch to get my Saturday Night Fever groove on. They would constantly run out of film while shooting scenes and have to wait until they could buy more film to continue shooting. This is evident by many scenes that tack on way longer than necessary and use a limited range of close-ups, of which many were meant to be shot later but they obviously didn't get done.

The limitations with the amount of film they had available to shoot with has left us many unintentionally humorous scenes, and I'll list some of the many instances of this from the movie. The few small fight sequences in the movie are laughably bad and look more like what you'd see from a rehearsal rather than a proper take. There is a scene where a lady is arguing with her cop boyfriend, first she stands up, one second later they cut back to her sitting down again, and two seconds later they cut back to her standing up again. The main cop that has been chasing the killer through the entire movie finally finds his apartment, but as soon as the killer flees out the window, the main cop just awkwardly disappears from the movie (presumably they ran out of film or he wasn't available to shoot anymore scenes).

It's easy to see why this was such a controversial movie as the gore scenes are quite graphic, but clearly fake and appear to use organs that are way too big for the bodies that they are being removed from. In this day and age, with how desensitized we are to everything, there's not a whole lot to be squeamish at here for those who are used to seeing blood and guts in movies.

While it will never reach the level of popularity that movies like The Room or Samurai Cop have attained in the "so bad they're good" category as this movie moves at a slow pace and has a much more limited demographic, it's still enjoyable in a similar vein to those movies. Mardi Gras Massacre is a terrible film by normal standards, but everything that is so wrong with the movie is what makes it quite an enjoyable experience.
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