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Jerry P. Jacobs

Sean Dash
Action, Thriller

Ted Jan Roberts
Corey Feldman
Marshall R. Teague
Erin Gray
Plot Summary
When Ethan's older brother Greg is found dead, the police rule the case a suicide, but Ethan suspects foul play stemming from Greg's recent involvement with a martial arts team called the Scorpions. Ethan is also accomplished at martial arts, and he determines to join the Scorpions as a means of learning what really happened to Greg.
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Review by Chucky
Ted Jan Roberts was someone that I idolised as a child ever since watching him in Magic Kid (aka Ninja Dragons), which was essentially like watching a low-budget version of Home Alone if Kevin McCallister was a black belt martial artist. Who wouldn't want to be a kid that was capable of kicking anyone's ass like he did in these movies? From what I recall, PM Entertainment signed TJ Roberts to a multi-film contract which had him star in a bunch of their movies and I guess they were anticipating that he would break out into stardom, which never quite happened.

Out of all the movies that I have seen him in, I'd say that A Dangerous Place is the best of the bunch. You could make the case that it's trying to capitalize on the success of much more popular movies like the Karate Kid franchise as it does have some similarities. There is the Scorpion's, a karate team with an evil sensei and they essentially have the same philosophies as the Cobra Kai. Even some of the scenes in this movie are filmed in the same building that was used for the Cobra Kai dojo in the Karate Kid. However, this movie does have some extra things that separate it, like cop car chases/crashes, death and a lead that is not a pansy like Daniel Larusso was.

The main bad guy from the Scorpion's in the movie is played by Corey Feldman and he seems to pull off the bad-ass martial arts douchebag role quite well despite not having any martial arts background that I am aware of. The Scorpion's evil sensei is played by Marshall Teague, or better known as the "I used to fuck guys like you in prison" dude from Road House and he brings a similar mentality over to this role but plays it down to a more PG-13 crowd. I came across an interesting bit of trivia that Teague supposedly holds an industry record for most on-screen deaths out of all professional actors. I'm not sure when exactly he reached that milestone and if that record still stands, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

This movie feels like it was made for TV, as it has that midday movie type of vibe to it but there's plenty of action in it to separate itself from many of the snorefests that would normally fill those type of slots. My score for the movie is definitely higher than what most people would give it or what it really deserves but my admiration of TJ Roberts' fighting skills and its shlocky 90's flavour of teen melodrama has me attached to it.
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