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Mark DiSalle
David Worth

Glenn A. Bruce

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Dennis Alexio
Dennis Chan
Michel Qissi
Haskell V. Anderson III
Plot Summary
Kurt Sloan is the corner-man for his brother, U.S. kickboxing champion Eric Sloan. When Kurt witnesses his brother become maliciously paralyzed in the ring by Thailand champion Tong Po, Kurt vows revenge. With the help of Xian, a kickboxing trainer who lives in a remote area of Thailand, Kurt trains for the fight of his life.
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Review by Chucky
This is a childhood favourite of mine. As far as I'm concerned, Van Damme has only ever been the lead in two great movies, Kickboxer and Bloodsport. While his acting in this can't exactly be considered good as he is quite campy in a story that is supposed to be serious, he still emits a certain charisma along with an impressive physique that was just so rare in movies.

The version that I used to rent out from the video store when I was a child here in Australia had a little more than what you will typically see on your local DVD and Bluray releases, which had a scene with Van Damme's on-screen brother in hospital having a mental breakdown over his crippling injury. I really wish they had kept this scene in all releases as this is probably the most emotional and real part of the movie, despite its amateurish output.

Kickboxer is a great martial arts revenge flick. It has cheesy 80's songs, a campy lead actor, but also has some heart to go along with entertaining fights and training sequences. It may surprise people to know that I actually like the sequel even more than this original movie, so check my review out for that one also.
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