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Jim Sotos

Erwin Goldman

Bo Hopkins
Susan Strasberg
Aleisa Shirley
Dana Kimmell
Plot Summary
Teenager Melissa moves into a small town filled with racial prejudice and bullying and each time she meets up with one of the boys in town, they end up murdered - but who is the killer?
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Review by Chucky
This was a fairly standard, low budget entry into the slasher sub-genre which was booming throughout the 80's. This one got buried down with many of the others that never really gained any notoriety. I personally enjoy this movie more than most people would, and a big part for that is the rural location it is set in as it is very reminiscent of where I grew up as a child. There is also a cheesy theme song for Melissa which is played throughout the movie and I really enjoy that too.

This isn't the type of slasher film that you watch solely for the kill scenes, although they are violent, they're fairly quick and repetitive stabbing sequences mostly in first-person view. With some up and down acting performances, it's nostalgic feel and mystery reveal is what Sweet Sixteen is going to win or lose its audience with.
Sweet Sixteen (1983) [Feature]
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