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2015 / Horror
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6.0 / 10
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Directed by Tom DeNucci
Written by Tom DeNucci and B. Dolan
Starring Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Jesse Dufault, Danielle Guldin and Allie Marshall

Jackson and Emily aren't like the other kids. Two burgeoning sociopaths on the brink of total meltdown. Ticking time bombs seeking revenge. Who will unravel first?

The following tags are associated with this movie: Slasher
Almost Mercy (2015)
Review by Michael Mahoney

8 / 10
Almost Mercy isn't your typical horror film. Narrated by our main character Emily, it chronicles her life growing up with her best friend Jackson, the difficulties they've both had, and how messed up they become.

It's an interesting mix of real-world drama and sarcastic, almost manic at points, narration by Emily, as she lets the audience know about how she first meant Jackson, or how, after being raped, the authorities did nothing because the rapists were "important to the community." While the first forty minutes has Emily focusing on Jackson and what he went through, it turns more toward Emily after an aborted school shooting.

Honestly, there's not much horror going on for the first fifty minutes of so, save an instance or two of blood spill. It's more a dramatic comedy, with Emily, while going through a shitty, disconnected life, goes on about Jackson, her screwed up mother, and the creeps who make the town they live in a terrible place. I can imagine that some would call a majority of the film both meandering and boring, not to mention disjointed in tone. One second, a boy is mocked and terrorized by bullies, the next, Emily's joking about some aspect or another of her life. That said, I rather liked how the film played out.

While at times I thought the narration was a bit too comedic, I thought we really got to learn about and even care about Emily and Jackson. When Jackson is expelled from school, you can feel for him. When Emily's mother attempts suicide, you can feel her disdain for her father, as he walked out on them. It felt real, in short. The film takes a turn in the final thirty minutes or so, and it was a logical, satisfactory one.

Let's talk actors and actresses. Young Emily, played by Eva Senerchia, did a really good job, being as young as she is, showing us the dispassionate life that sometimes a young kid can go through. Danielle Guldin, who played grown-up Emily, did a fantastic job in her role and narration. Grown-up Jackson, played by Jesse Dufault, did pretty good also, though more focus was spent on Emily (which makes sense, as the film was through her point-of-view). Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley, playing a high school coach and a church pastor, respectively, are good in their roles.

Though it takes a while to get there, the gore is also quite solid, and the killing spree at the end was on point, if not occasionally riddled with unnecessary comedic commentary. Almost Mercy seems to be the type of film that will turn off some horror fans. It's not conventional, it's a bit enthusiastic in it's presentation, and the "twist" might not do much for some. Personally, though, despite it's few shortcomings, I thought it was a great quirky film. It's not for everyone, but it was for me. 8.5/10 (rounded down to 8/10 to fit site's format).
Almost Mercy (2015)
Review by Gary Dailey

4 / 10
Almost Mercy, as near as I can tell, is a "love letter" to every modern day trope that social/mass media simply love to bring up at every conceivable turn. Uncaring parents or authority figures? Check. Prescription and recreational drug abuse? You better believe it. Disgusting church officials? In spades! Bullying and mass murder? Of course. And don't you worry, if it's a soapbox topic for someone- anyone, you'd better believe I probably just didn't cover it.

I do have a few problems with this movie. It isn't the acting- I think everyone does a fairly decent job for the most part, considering what they were given to work with. There are a few characters/scenes where the acting is amped up in the level of campiness- though I can't tell if that was intentional or not (considering how relatively serious the movie seems to want to take itself up until the last 20 minutes, I assume the latter for the large portion of the movie). I don't even necessarily have a problem with the premise of the movie itself, really.

The issue that I have is that they simply attempted to put far, far too many eggs into what really should have been a very small basket. The other issue I had with it was the fact that, really, nothing even close to horror happened in this movie. Hell, I couldn't even consider it a slasher up until the very last 20 minutes of the movie.


I suppose you might be able to consider it horror if you take the entire movie as a whole- sort of like the build up of what could be a school shooter. But Jackson failed. Spectacularly, in fact. And he wasn't even going to kill indiscriminately- he had a very specific hit list, down to the location. To top this off, we never really got to see a very good look into the "disturbed" mind of Jackson. These things essentially pulled the rug out from the entire movie. They then try to M. Night the sucker by bringing Emily into the mix, which admittedly makes the plot take a more interesting turn, but I personally would still would not call it horror.


Overall, I can't really say I enjoyed the movie a whole lot. It really did have potential, story-wise, but I feel that they were too ambitious. They tried to go too deep, and drowned because of it. K-I-S-S, man, K-I-S-S. You had the acting, you had the story, even the filming was pretty decent. However- with the way this movie ended it comes off, to me, as a cross between what the script writers envision is in the world of a mass shooter along with a tear and jizz-stained diary entry of Elliot Rodger.

Also, it's not a Glock, it's a Springfield XD and it doesn't have any on-off safety. You literally put a close up of the logo!

If we are doing a 10-star score, with 5 being dead average, I'd give it a 4. Maybe next time make a movie about post-slashing Emily, she was fun.
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