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S. Craig Zahler

S. Craig Zahler
Thriller, Action

Vince Vaughn
Jennifer Carpenter
Don Johnson
Udo Kier
Plot Summary
Bradley Thomas is a hard working man. After him and his wife's miscarriage they admit the spark isn't there anymore and decide to have a baby. After being fired from his job, he turns to his friend who hires him as a drug dealer. A trade goes bad and he ends up in prison, the only problem is that a gang has kidnapped his wife and they will do an experimental operation on the baby unless Thomas kills one of the inmates in cell block 99.
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Review by Chucky
Vince Vaughn steps away from his usual comedy roles and delivers an engaging performance in this crime thriller. The movie moves at a snails pace and every single scene is stretched out as long as possible but the movie kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Due to the pace of the film, the action and fight sequences can feel a little sparse but the excessive nature of some of the violence leaves a lasting impression. You will surely not forget this film for quite some time.
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