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1997 / Horror
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7.3 / 10
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Directed by Scott Reynolds
Written by Scott Reynolds
Starring Paolo Rotondo, Rebecca Hobbs, Roy Ward and Jennifer Ward-Lealand

A female psychologist wants to understand the mind of a confessed serial killer who spent the last five years in a mental hospital because of his state.

The following tags are associated with this movie: Slasher, Serial Killer
The Ugly (1997)
Review by Bradley Frohloff

8 / 10
The Ugly is a pyshcological serial killer quasi-slasher movie which boasts some fine performances from some relatively unknown actors. The editing and pacing is well-done as there is never really any dull moments to be had. The attacks and slashing scenes are brutal but fairly quick. The plot outline at face-value sounds quite generic but I assure you that The Ugly is a fairly unique story in its field of genre and you surely need to see it at least once in your life.
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