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Kickboxer 2: The Road Back

1991 / Martial Arts, Thriller
Tong Po is the deadliest kickboxer in Thailand. He travels to America in seek of redemption for his humiliating defeat at the hands of Kurt Sloan. Since Tong Po had murdered Kurt and Eric in an ambush, the only way now for him to regain his honour is to defeat the remaining Sloan brother. David Sloan has no interest in fighting until his best friend is murdered in the ring by Tong Po.

Chucky: This is my all-time favourite non-horror movie. The original is great but this is much more indicative of a proper David and Goliath type story. If you look at Van Damme's physique in the original movie, he doesn't look like an underdog. In this movie, you really believe that David might get killed in the same type of fight.
David Sloan
Sasha Mitchell
David teaches fighting in his gym and doesn't want to fight professionally anymore due to his brothers deaths. He is lured into a match against his brothers' enemy, Tong Po.
Tong Po
Michel Qissi
After murdering Kurt and Eric Sloan, Tong Po travels to America in effort to regain his honour by defeating the last remaining Sloan brother in a no-holds barred muay thai fight.

Xian Chow
Dennis Chan
Xian Chow previously trained Kurt Sloan in Thailand. He travels to America in an effort to help David heal from a severe leg injury.
Brian Wagner
Vince Murdocco
Brian is a good friend of David Sloan. He is eager to become a professional fighter and joins the United Kickboxing Association despite David's warnings about the organisation.

Justin Maciah
Peter Boyle
Creator of the United Kickboxing Association. He will go to great lengths to build and protect his organisation.
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Justin Maciah's business partner with the United Kickboxing Association. He has evil intentions of luring David Sloan into a fight with Tong Po.

Neil Vargas
Matthias Hues
The UKA Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion. He is determined to beat David Sloan in a fight as he had previously lost in the ring to both of David's brothers.
Jack Morrison
John Diehl
Long-time friend and manager of the Sloan's and their gym. In an effort to stop the gym from going under he encourages David to start fighting again to pay off their growing debt.

Kurt Sloan
Emmanuel Kervyn
Kurt makes a brief appearance in the movie through pictures and a flashback which features an encounter with Tong Po.

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Five things that Kickboxer 2 does better than the original movie
Published on 12th June 2017
I am well aware that the original Kickboxer movie is widely considered the best of and many would say the only good movie in the series. However, I enjoy Kickboxer 2 more than the original movie and I would like to share some things that I believe this sequel does better than the original.
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