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Has Freddy Krueger ever had a dream?
27th May 2017
C'mon Freddy, be honest with us.

Maniac Cop - Alternate Bruce Campbell scenes
13th July 2009
Now, obviously these aren't real. They're just parodies made up using scenes from Maniac Cop and splicing Bruce Campbell lines from his other movie and TV appearances. For comical purposes only.

Halloween - Mentos commercial
26th June 2009
Getting picked on? Don't get mad, get Mentos.

Silent Night, Deadly Night - Mentos commercial
26th June 2009
Billy realizes its Christmas time, which means he's going to have a heavier workload due to the influx of customers. After a long day at work, where he works his ass off and also has an embarrassing fall, he decides to make the best of it. He cools off and ends the day on a good note. Good work, Billy.

Child's Play 3 - Mentos commercial
26th June 2009
Chucky's latest attempt to take over the soul has been rudely interrupted. Don't get mad, get Mentos!
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