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The following list contains films that are planning to be reviewed on a specific date for our website. We encourage you to watch, add your own rating and discuss these movies along with us at the same time we do for when they are added to the website on the dates mentioned below. Some other movies may also be randomly reviewed along the way and if you see any of those pop-up, feel free to rate and discuss those with us too.

You can use our rating comparisons page which allows you to see how similar your ratings are to each of the Fight-Evil.com staff members. This will give you more confidence in watching movies recommended by specific staff members as you will know which ones have similar tastes in movies as you do.
16 January
Laid To Rest
17 January
Friday The 13th
18 January
19 January
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
20 January
21 January
The Terminator
22 January
It Follows
23 January
Event Horizon
24 January
I Spit On Your Grave
25 January
26 January
27 January
The Exorcist
28 January
Child's Play
29 January
Fright Night
30 January
31 January
Halloween II
1 February
Child's Play 2
2 February
Insidious: Chapter 2
3 February
Predator 2
4 February
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2
5 February
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