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Xian Chow
1989-1992 / 3 movies
Originally resided in the sticks of Thailand, Xian is a trainer of authentic muay thai kickboxing. He trained Kurt Sloane to fight against the Thai champion, Tong Po. Later he helped Kurt's brother David heal from a leg injury and became his permanent trainer.

Dennis Chan
Teacher of muay thai kickboxing. He trains Kurt Sloane for a revenge match with the Thai kickboxing champion.
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
Dennis Chan
Xian Chow previously trained Kurt Sloan in Thailand. He travels to America in an effort to help David heal from a severe leg injury.

Kickboxer 3: The Art of War
Dennis Chan
Travels to Rio De Janeiro with David Sloan for a championship kickboxing match. During their trip, a friend is captured and they must fight to get her back.

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