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Best Horror Films of the Last Three Years

Started by Jigsaw, February 04, 2013, 04:18:33 AM

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Super Slash Bro

I guess I'm kinda cheating on this list now that it's 2022 but I've seen some pretty good ones in the past 3 years. Not including the Halloween requels or the new Scream.. or the new Candyman.. or the new Texas Chainsaw (which I thought was awful anyway) lol.

- Midsommar
- Psycho Goreman
- Us
- The Invisible Man
- The Dead Don't Die (not great but worth a watch)

Still haven't seen St. Maude, X, or Malignant but I intend to.

Honorable mentions for stuff a lil older:

- The Wailing (amazing movie, highly recommend)
- The Void
- Raw (really good and pretty overlooked)
- Climax (not sure if most would consider this conventional horror but it was definitely horrifying)
- Train to Busan
- Hereditary
- Get Out

I hated the Suspiria remake.


Definitely agree with Midsommar, The Void, and Train to Busan.

Still haven't taken the time to watch The Wailing, though everything I've heard has been positive, so I'm looking forward to seeing it.