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Last Song You Listened To

Started by gorefan1428, February 08, 2013, 04:24:29 PM

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Currently listening to Animals Killing People's debut album, Kentucky Fried Killing.

Came out back in 2008, but only picked it up recently.

I have to say, it has some of the most guttural vocals I've ever heard. I can generally follow along to Mortician songs if I have lyrics in front of me - the same is true for The County Medical Examiners and Cattle Decapitation. But this? No way, Jack.

On that front, it's moderately impressive.

As for the specific last song I listened to, though, "Animals Are Beasts, Men Are Monsters"


Sounds like Alanis Morissette.


I rather enjoy Jagged Little Pill - a lot of great songs, such as "Forgiven" and "You Learn"

That said, I can't say I hear the similarities. [*laugh*]


I can't say that I've ever given Motionless In White much chance, but I came across this song recently and I dig it. It sounds very similar to one of my favourite bands, Breaking Benjamin, though I think most of their other songs sound kinda different to this.