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Author Topic: 7 Fighters Who Lied Their Way to Legendary  (Read 780 times)

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7 Fighters Who Lied Their Way to Legendary
« on: February 07, 2013, 03:06:44 AM »

Scott "Lionheart" Blevins
Tiny and insane Scott Blevins is an expert in something he thinks is called "Maui Thai" and claims to have been trained by "Renzin" and "Rocky" Gracie in Virginia. This is notable because there are so many Gracies that teach jiu-jitsu that it's actually sort of an achievement to make up two names and not accidentally pick a real one. He also claimed that the UFC signed him to compete in their 135-pound division. Please don't demean Google by checking to see if that exists.

Seanbaby rules.


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