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Return of the Member Pics thread

Started by Dorkus, February 06, 2013, 08:03:12 AM

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I have no recent pics, but go ahead ladies people.

The Dudes
Crash Dummie: 1, 2, 3, 4
Jigsaw: 1
DrumrbaxJ: 1
Pogotheklown: 1
Pastor: 1
Giddins: 1

The Dudettes
Akasha: 1


I guess I have my high school graduation picture that I could dig up if need be.

Crash Dummie


I also had two halloween costumes last year.

Tall Skinny Fat Cara...

And Elwood Blues.


I take pictures like once every three years but if we're doing this, I'll post one of myself, MizzeeOH and General Lotz from my vacation last month.


There aren't any recent pictures of me that I'm aware of. And if there are any I don't have them.


so are you really tall or is that chick short as? lol

Crash Dummie

I'm 6'3" and she's MAYBE 5'1". It makes sex interesting.


Ha, I was right!  I was just posting that it has to be both because there's over a foot difference in your heights in that pic.


Luckily it was still on my computer. I am of course the one in black - the man in the middle (in a wheelchair, which can't be seen) is my father, and to his left is my brother.


There's other picture(s) of you on the old forum which I can still see.


Hm, I don't recall posting much, but I believe you. [*laugh*]

Crash Dummie

Here are two more:

What I actually look like.

What I think I look like.


Fuck. I just realized Milo needs to come back so we have someone to edit the photo page all nice and fancy. Guess Crash will have to do it. [*browwink*]

Crash Dummie

Girls, it's time to post the naked pics so I don't get bored!