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Author Topic: The Walking Dead  (Read 42449 times)

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Re: The Walking Dead
« Reply #255 on: October 19, 2013, 06:18:53 PM »
I have a love/hate relationship with this show. When it's good, it's really fucking good.

But the rest of the time, it's pointless bickering and characters being mishandled. Michonne is nothing more than a frown and a "Magical Negro" achetype, and Andrea's treatment was infuriating in season 2. She spends two seasons become a badass zombie stabbing independent woman, and at the end, she's being bossed around by men, and she can't kick a zombie or kill it with the plyers she had in her free hand because the script said so.

That said, I still watch and enjoy the show all around, and I'm curious to see where they're going with the super swine flu in season 4.
Thing with the show is, a lot of the characters are drastically different from their comic counter parts. In the comics, Andrea was A HELL OF A LOT more likeable than they made her in the show. I get what they were going for, for the most part. Make her make a bunch of bone headed decisions, realize the error of her ways way too late, and redeem her in her death. But that fell flat to me. Mostly because every episode before it just added another reason for me to hate her.

As for Michonne, I can understand why they decided to make her stoic. She was on her own for who knows how long and felt betrayed by Andrea. So she's not just going to open up to a bunch of random people. The world they live in has hardened them and it'd take a lot more than a roof over their heads for them to be able to trust each other.

Though, in the later episodes of Season 3, she started showing some signs of life. Going out of her way to get that family photo for Carl so he could give it to Judith when she's old enough so she knows what Lori looked like. Even in this debut episode, she showed some personality. She was apparently on a mission to find the Governor between the time season 3 ended and this past episode, but went out of her way to get Carl a comic book (or what I assume was a comic book.) Also when that one kid was trying to figure out what Daryl did before this, she was being a bit of a smart-ass about the whole thing.

Anyways, I liked this episode. It wasn't great by any means, but it's a decent crutch for the viewer. See the characters in a time of peace and them seemingly having everything figured out. Only as the episode went on, things were slowly starting to be pulled out from under them. From what was said on the Talking Dead immediately after, things are supposed to get really crazy, really quick. Whether that means the next episode or the episode after remains to be seen. But I'm definitely looking forward to it for sure.

Also, raining zombies. That was pretty cool. Especially the one that fell through first and had it's innards ripped out. It was kind of like a zombie bungee cord.


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