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Welcome Back AKA Introductions

Started by JasonzSon, February 05, 2013, 03:31:46 AM

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This thread was created for the re-introductions of members who haven't been here for a while, whether you were active when the last forum was closed or not.  If you're new, you could probably post here for now, but I imagine expanding and creating a new thread will eventually be your best bet.  Kind of up to Chuck at this point, at least in the short term.

Anyway, to kick this shit off, I'm Bill, better known here as JasonzSon, possibly recognized from around the web as Man in Black.  I've been active here pretty much steadily since 2005.

Crash Dummie

My name's Alex. I'm a frenchie from Québec who's been here in some fashion since... 2003? I used to log on different computers at school to rig the fights in favor of my favorite characters.

My claim to fame is drawing the modestly popular "The Slashers" comics, and since the site is back, I might just start again.

I spend most of my free time watching wrestling and quite incongruously being a sharply dressed snob who enjoys wine.


EDIT: I don't quite remember where the misspelling of "Dummy" comes from. I think that in one of Chrono Trigger's endings, the prehistoric chick calls one of her friends a "dummie". I've kept it since.


I'm L-Face. I've pretty much a member of FE off and on since it's inception and a lurker of it's earlier incarnation, "Whatever Tickles Your Fear." Along with De, I was a host of the FE Radio Podcast (R.I.P) and later a co-host when Shadow took the reigns.


i am giddins. i like the ninja turtles, video games and good action and comedy movies. the biggest thing i did for this place was come up with the name and the first idea of what the fights would back when the site was "whatever tickles your fear"


Shadow. Former host of FE Radio and several other side projects. Been around since shortly after FE's old Proboards site went up in 2003. Supposedly the level-headed/neutral mod around these parts.


Crash, I believe you claimed "Dummie" came from trying to make "Dummy" look more like a surname.


I'm annoying and was one of the only people who liked old mate that I forgot the name of. I thought he was funny and dug that he had virtually everyone hating him. It was excellent and I admired it.


That describes a lot of people, Drumr.


I know, I know. If I had a list of usernames I'd be able to pick the shithead right out.

Crash Dummie

Quote from: JasonzSon on February 05, 2013, 04:10:08 AM
Crash, I believe you claimed "Dummie" came from trying to make "Dummy" look more like a surname.
That's what I wanted to achieve, but it might only have been after seeing it spelt that way in the game.

Oh, and Drumr, I'd say it's either De or Rational Gaze.


Quote from: JasonzSon on February 05, 2013, 05:05:25 AM
Not Slip?

I disliked De. He was weird and made me feel uncomfortable half the time.


I'm Jigsaw. Joined way too young, did stupid things, and made a comeback, attempting to be more serious and chat it up when it comes to horror.

In my non-horror life, I'm passionate about politics, comic books, and music. Currently, I am a Freshman in College with a major in Political Science.

I've been on FE on and off since somewhere between 2005-2007 (really don't know - I lurked a long time before joining).


You were a 13 year old girl when you joined, what age and gender are you now?