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Horror Talk / Rawhead Rex coming to bluray
« Last post by Chucky on Yesterday at 11:00:25 PM »
Someone wake DeraiLer. Now we can see how awesome that rubber suit really was!  [*hehehmm*]
Random Bullshit / Re: Suck my Cock!
« Last post by WesCraven on April 15, 2017, 01:14:51 AM »
Horror Talk / Re: It
« Last post by Jigsaw on April 01, 2017, 10:04:27 AM »
I like the 1990 mini-series for nostalgia, but it really drops the ball in comparison with the novel, leaving quite a bit out.

Obviously, the cast of the 1990 version mostly did a great job, and this cast of children looks moderately soulless in comparison (though the trailer we have didn't focus on the children, I know).

The jump scare at the end of the trailer made me cringe a bit, but hopefully that's just marketing. I'm pretty excited for this, and will certainly see it in theaters come September.
Horror Talk / Re: It
« Last post by Chucky on April 01, 2017, 02:48:33 AM »
I've been hyped for it well before the trailer dropped. The 1990 mini-series is my favourite behind Child's Play. I'm not against remakes, so that allows me to have a positive expectation for it.

Horror Talk / It
« Last post by Jigsaw on March 31, 2017, 01:57:28 AM »
Obviously, the new re-adaptation of It is coming out this September.

I'm sure most of you have seen the trailer.

Anyone has any opinions on this one way or another?

I know the board's more or less inactive, but this seemed a good topic nonetheless.
Random Bullshit / Re: Suck my Cock!
« Last post by Shadow on March 10, 2017, 08:00:11 PM »
Oh, well that's why I was out of the loop, then. I haven't touched Facebook in years and recently deleted it a few months back.

Great news, though!
Random Bullshit / Re: Suck my Cock!
« Last post by Chucky on March 09, 2017, 11:18:58 AM »
FE is making a comeback. I've been working on the site since January and hopefully we'll be ready to launch the new site by sometime in April. I did hint this on the Facebook page in January which will also get a face lift once the new website is up.

Traffic will be on the rise when the site is ready.
Horror Talk / Re: What's the Last Horror Movie You Watched?
« Last post by Jigsaw on March 05, 2017, 03:21:10 PM »
Are We the Waiting (2017)

This is the first movie from 2017 I've seen, and the second Michael Taylor Pritt film I've been able to watch (Mile Before Sleep, which I previously reviewed, being the first one). And though this is Pritt's newest film, I actually preferred Miles Before Sleep. Before any of that, though, let's briefly discuss this movie. A group of five friends go to a secluded house to party before two of them defect to Canada, but shortly after getting there, they're stalked and killed off by a mysterious killer. The plot's simple enough, and honestly, the film doesn't throw many unique plot points out at you. The kills are decently done (especially one toward the end), but overall, I don't know how memorable they'd be. The design of the killer's mask (which is partially glow-in-the-dark) is pretty cool, and other small things, such as the atmosphere (save for the ending, which I'll expand on shortly) work out well. The acting's a mixed bag – I rather liked most of Pritt's acting, and others, such as Alyssa Cordial and Rob Pemberton, did a pretty good job, but some of Bridgette Kidd's lines felt forced. Actually, quite a bit of the dialogue was flaky, and sometimes fell a bit flat, but most of the time, that was tolerable. One of the places this was most notable, though, was the reveal of the killer. It felt a bit rushed, and I think that's something that could have been done better. The final ten minutes felt rather out of place, though. Obviously, I won't go over plot points, but let's say that the ending, in my opinion, came out of left field, and really, I didn't feel the final ten minutes were necessary. At an hour and 15 minutes (the final five minutes being credits), I think the movie could have been cut down a little bit, maybe trimming the ending (or removing it entirely) and a few scenes throughout the film. Miles Before Sleep, not counting the outtakes, was around 53 minutes, so given how this one was about twenty minutes longer, I couldn't help but feel as though it was dragging a few times throughout the film. All this said, it's a perfectly acceptable low-budget slasher flick. It's more formulaic than Miles Before Sleep was (or at least that's my impression), but I rather liked the group of friends as a whole, and thought that they did well together. It's a bit below average, but for a fan of lower-budget horror, it may well be worth checking out. 6/10.
Random Bullshit / Re: Suck my Cock!
« Last post by Jigsaw on March 05, 2017, 03:20:29 PM »
At least with the spam, there's some traffic. :p

Always look on the bright side, I've often said.

Well it looks like there's been some activity relatively recently... we've gone from blue to green.

Any good news, maybe?

I certainly hope so.

I'm a member of various horror forums, but it seems to me most are content with staying on their own sites, rarely venturing out to new forums. When we get more active, I'll do what I can to bring a stray member or so here.

Nonetheless, good times are ahead, hopefully.
Random Bullshit / Re: Suck my Cock!
« Last post by Shadow on March 05, 2017, 02:42:21 AM »
At least with the spam, there's some traffic. :p

Always look on the bright side, I've often said.

Well it looks like there's been some activity relatively recently... we've gone from blue to green.

Any good news, maybe?
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