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We have a dedicated fanbase that has a deep love for the darker side of cinema and could very well be interested in what you've got to offer. Our homepage has large banner space available and we are able to promote your products through articles and reviews.

Banner Advertising
Our homepage can facilitate banners with a fixed width of 938px and will allow up to 160px in height. We can also help with the construction or editing of your banner to properly fit the space. Your banner must not conflict with the aesthetic of the website, which means no ultra-colourful banners. Try to keep them as dark as possible to match our website theme.

We currently offer this space at $20 USD per week / $70 USD per month which will be shared in rotation with no more than four other advertisers at any time. Prices are subject to change on a monthly basis pending any substantial increase in our web traffic.

Product Reviews
If you would like to offer movie screeners for review and publication, please contact us with the email address below.

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