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In 2002 I was fresh out of high school with plenty of free time on my hands. Out of pure boredom I created an MSN Group titled "Whatever Tickles Your Fear". Essentially it was just a plain message board for horror related discussion. Eventually the group evolved to having a few pages which included a choose-your-own-adventure game with its members. Not many people know this but I ended up meeting and marrying one of the members from this group.

Later during the same year a new section was created which involved horror movie characters being pitted against each other. I believe the hype around the upcoming Freddy vs Jason movie also helped trigger this. Members would vote for their favourite characters and after a while the character with the most votes would be deemed the winner. The name of this new section in the group was called "Fight Evil". Due to its popularity, the section deserved its own website. The idea was ported over to its own Geocities page, which was Yahoo's free website service at that time.

The website bounced around to some other free website providers and messaage board services which accumulated over 1,000 members. In December 2004 I had finally bought a domain for the website and Fight-Evil.com was officially born! The general idea was the same, focus on the "fights" which did become a little more detailed with help of coding in php and then just tack on a few other generic features like movie reviews to give people more reason to stick around. This probably carried on for about five years with our message board really becoming our main attraction as we had a nice community of dedicated members. Development for the website had ceased in 2010. The forum section had been re-created in 2013 in an attempt to bring new life to the website which ultimately failed.

Enter 2017, a time for new beginnings. With a renewed passion and a new focus, Fight-Evil.com is back!

- Chucky (webmaster)
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